Stay up to date – the efficient way.

A new look. A proven partnership.

When products and solutions are in surplus supply, only the providers that stand out are the ones who win over customers. In the B2B sector, too, dealing with your own brand is increasingly a factor that is critical to success. With our new identity, we want to make it obvious at first glance what Helmers stands for.

What is important to us. In no way does our new identity aim to break away from our achievements over the past few decades. We are proud of the trust our customers place in us. We want to remain recognisable for both them and you, because our fundamental values – such as reliability, commitment and a sense of responsibility – have not changed either.

But, as we grow to meet the challenges of new markets, we are also shifting our priorities: Strengths such as digitalisation, automation and efficiency are gaining in relevance and making our portfolio futureproof. And we are passing this certainty on to our customers.

Our aim was to adapt our appearance to the identity we live by. We are a modern and forward-looking company. That’s how we want to be seen. And that’s why our corporate design has been overhauled to do this aim justice. What with a new logo, a new slogan, new corporate colours and fonts and our MOVE principle – a lot has changed in our company. What do you think of our new design? We look forward to receiving your feedback.